Living Without God In An Evil World

The question of evil has got some quarreling with any talk of a good and powerful God, or even the persuasion of the existence of one. It is difficult to defend a God who seems not to care whether children live or die, well fed or hungry. Yet, sensing deeply that there is a higher […]

Substance and shadows: the race of life

What are you chasing in life? There are phenomena in life that baffle the immature mind. Illusions for instance; a state of mind that seems so real, some take it for real. Illusions are so deceptive because they are forms of the real thing; they are but shadows of the real thing. They can be […]

Africa’s Transformation Agenda

Someone has said that success in life, in any endeavor for that matter, is determined by the ability to ask questions; the right questions. That is a deep spiritual truth. We receive not because we ask not: ask and it shall be given to you, says the Master. For those who are burdened like me, about the […]

Truth: The Message And Power Of Love

What really is life all about? Is there more to it than we know? Is there an answer to our desire for meaning in an otherwise ‘meaningless’ cycle of life? Is the supernatural real? For that matter, is God real? How do we know the truth about God and the supernatural? Indeed, what is truth? […]

Right and Wrong Belief: You Can Choose

My training as a doctor has conditioned me to seek the cause rather than the effects of things in life. That is the essence of a diagnosis, a mandatory first step in the care of your patient. We may not always have the answers to counter the cause or even like the answers that we […]