The African Aliyah

Bringing the new Africa to life with the power of right belief!

Africa Is On The Rise

Africa has been on a long and bumpy ride. With all the resources at our disposal, our lot remained blighted. Is there hope for Africa, beyond the mass migration to ‘greener pastures’?
Yes. God says so. “The problem is wrong belief.”
Belief is a thing of the heart. It is an ‘unreasoning’ conviction about a person or thing. With God, reason certainly falls short. Trust kicks in.
God has spoken, so that we may boldly declare:
Africa is blessed!!
Yes, Africa is on the rise. Do you ‘see’ it? We must ‘see’, with insight, this truth and walk in tandem with it. Everyone of us. For we are all in it together. No matter your calling in life, no matter the location, this one thing we must all do. Bless Africa. Say it!

For, “we believe, therefore we speak.” Thereafter, we each do the needful, in our little corners. Whatever we can, whenever we can, as much as we can and for as long as we can.

We must bring our own meaning to life, for the walk is intensely personal. Yet, we never walk alone. Together, we collectively give meaning to our communities and ultimately to humanity. We create a new African narrative.

This we can be sure of. God wants it to be well with us; one and all. Africa no less.
For, “God is good to all and His mercies are over all His works.”
So, let’s sing a new song. Together. That is the call of the African Aliyah.
Our Goal: 1 million souls blessing Africa daily. Every day. Together.
You cannot work against what you bless; nor work for what you curse.
Do you believe? Join us today.



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