Easter is here! The greatest event in human history, and the end of the fear of all fears; the fear of death. For Christ rose from the dead and now we have hope that death is not terminal. Nothing indeed is. Not even poverty, or sickness. Because Jesus rose from the dead. We have the VICTORY!!!

Life, they say, is what you do with what you’ve got. We can overcome any and every challenge that life throws at us.  So, if life throws you a lemon, make lemonade. Or as we would say in Nigeria, if life gives you pepper, make pepper soup! Now we believe it.

Life has given Africa a huge youth population. And technology. So, we boldly declare that we have victory over disease and poverty. And social disorder. We are making millionaires. We define a millionaire in the insightful words of Bishop David Oyedepo: 

A millionaire is one who serves a million people.                                          

The task for all therefore, is to leverage technology to serve your million people and create a new African narrative. But it starts with self-discovery. You must discover the real ‘you’, and pursue greatness; true greatness! Away with the shallow and childish me-too servitude to mammon. And the illusion of fame. Greatness in not in your riches, or fame, or power but in the heart of service. The call rather, is for one and all, in this season/Kairos time, to commit to be a blessing to Africa. Declare that Africa is blessed. Daily! You cannot work against what you bless, nor work for what you curse.

So, Bless Africa today. And every day!

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